( 1 ) refers to the power supply from the customers from the date of sale within 12 months , non-human quality problems , you can replace the product free of charge.

( 2 ) three-year warranty Definition: Power from the date of sale to customers over 12 months not exceeding 36 months , non-human quality , free maintenance, customers bear the freight .

( 3 ) over the warranty period specified : where more than three-year warranty period power products, such as the service request , the forest tree power will provide strong service charges , including freight charges , labor costs, as well as spare parts costs.

( 4 ) Warranty Date : Sen tree strong power in the official factory production date printed on the product label , so customers can be correctly calculated when the repair warranty period , to determine whether the product is under warranty.
Mori tree strong power technology sector after receiving the repair power , seven working days to issue test reports and treatment advice .