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Asia is the company founded in 1987, is the air quality (IAQ) in the field of famous enterprises, the State Ministry of Science and first batch of identified "high-tech private enterprises," and outstanding new technology enterprises in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. September 2006 Asian companies are successfully completed overseas financing, became a joint stock enterprises - Beijing Yadu Indoor Environmental Technology Limited. At present the company's total assets of more than 700 million yuan, has more than 2,000 employees, has developed into the field of indoor environmental industry's top companies.
Asian companies are specializing in indoor environmental protection for 20 years, focusing on development and application of the international forefront of technology, indoor air quality, the overall solution. Currently has a humidity control technology, remove indoor pollution technology to remove indoor virus germs, molecular complex locking technology, medical grade clean operating room technology and other original technology patents and intellectual property rights at home and abroad are in a leading position. Its sales network covering the whole country, for many years to maintain domestic market share of more than 80 percent, and exported to dozens of countries, indoor air quality industry leading enterprises.
Asian companies have extremely sound product quality assurance, the main products not only through the ISO9000 certification, also made in Germany GS, the European Union CE certification. "Asia is" brand is well-known trademarks in Beijing, "Yadu humidifier" and "Asia purifiers are" Beijing is the brand-name products.