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Foxconn Group is known as Hon Hai Technology Group in Taiwan Province.
      1988 investment in mainland China, is a hi-tech group specializing in the production of 3C products and semiconductor devices (the world's largest foundry).
It is the world's largest electronics professional manufacturer, with more than 120 million people and the world's leading IT customer base.
      In 2011, its exports to mainland China's total exports accounted for 5.8 percent, exports to the mainland for nine consecutive years ranked top 200 list;
      2011 ranked the world's top 500 enterprises "Fortune" Article 60,
      In 2012 the top 50 global companies, ranked No. 43. In mainland China, Taiwan and the Americas, Europe, and Japan, with dozens of subsidiaries in China, South China,
East China, North China and other places to create the eight main science and technology industrial park.
     Since 1991, the Group maintained an average annual revenue of more than 50% compound growth rate, is the world's largest computer connector and computer barebones manufacturer for 9
He was elected to the US "Business Week" published by the Global Top 100 IT Companies (2005 and 2006 ranked second), the mainland of China for four consecutive years ranked export
200 first.
     2005 (Section 371), 2006 (p. 206), 2007 (p. 154), 2008 (p. 132), 2009 (p. 109), 2010
(Section 112), 2011 (p. 60), 2012 (p. 43), 2013 (p. 30) consecutive among the "Fortune" Global 500.
     Over the years the group's operating performance and outstanding mainland roots, roots in science and technology investment strategies, with deep national leaders affirmed: Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao,
State leaders Li, Li Changchun, Wu Yi to visit the group visited many times, to the group "root in China, the global logistics" In Juli support.
   2013 ranked the "Fortune" Global 500 Chapter 30.