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Konka Group was established in May 21, 1980, the predecessor of "bright Guangdong Overseas Chinese Electronics Industry", is China's reform
After opening the birth of the first joint venture electronics companies, the initial investment of HK $ 43 million. 1991, Konka Group reorganized into
Chinese and foreign public stock companies. 1992, Konka A, B shares listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange at the same time, the existing total assets
Nearly one billion yuan, net assets of nearly four billion yuan, the total share capital of 1.204 billion shares, OCT Group is the largest shareholder.
    Konka Group is principally engaged in color television sets, mobile phones, white goods, electrical life, LED, set-top boxes and related products
R & D, manufacturing and sales, and and precision molds, injection molded parts, tuner, PCB, transformers and other supporting cell phone batteries
Business, is a leading Chinese electronic information enterprises.
    Konka Group always adhere to the "science and technology enterprises," the development of ideas, to become an international high-tech enterprises, the full implementation of integrated product development management system, establish a
Institute - Development Center - Professional design of three R & D system, with national enterprise technical centers and post-doctoral research station, product research and development level reached world first
Advanced level.
   Konka Group focused on the implementation of the "Manufacturing Excellence Project", through capital operation, at home and abroad to build a rational layout of the pattern of production and operation, the total production capacity of 25 million units.
   Konka established a first-class quality testing systems and environmental control system, the country's color TV industry in the first obtain ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 international environmental management system,
Domestic double authentication, Konka TV has been awarded "China Famous Brand", color TV and refrigerator are also listed as the first batch of Quality and Technical Supervision-free products, and was awarded the 2006
Of Shenzhen Mayor Quality Award.
    Konka Group has wide coverage, improve services, marketing and service network, established in the country more than 50 marketing branches, hundreds of sales operation and more than 3,000 service outlets,
Overseas business has been expanded to more than 100 countries and regions in the world.
     Konka TV domestic retail market share for six consecutive years in the first place, the phone also entered the ranks of the top three domestic brands, "KONKA KONKA" trademark by the State as "Famous Chinese Suppliers
Mark, "and appeared in the" China's most valuable brand, "the brand value of over 150 billion for the future, Konka Group is a new image, innovation-driven, market-oriented,
To modern high-tech enterprise goal, and strive to build a world-class Chinese brands.
Business strategy: Konka Group has always been to develop and upgrade the main theme for the business, ongoing management innovation, the first to achieve a successful exploration of low-cost expansion, build a reasonable layout of green
Production and operating strategic pattern, the implementation of competitive strategy and value management of three major projects, the implementation of business unit division operating system, the implementation of insider trading, and comprehensively promote the business forward.
Value Management: A corporate profits and brand value as a guide to competitive differentiation based, value-added for the purpose to guide the procurement, manufacturing, research and development, quality, marketing and other work
As a competitive strategy.
Three major projects: quality engineering, quality engineering, innovation projects.